We represent the company ⇒ ZLS Corporation (Zero Length Spring), Austin, Texas, worldwide (except in the USA, Japan and China).


  • Burris Gravimeter in various configurations

  • New: Burris Gravimeter - now also produced in Germany
    (made in Germany)

  • Dynamic Meter (sea and flight gravimeter)

  • Earth tide station

    Burris gravimeter with data acquisition, registration software, air pressure sensor, GPS time and other options

Our partner in China

Beijing Orangelamp Geophysical Exploration Co. Ltd
Office: 00 86 10 56929901~8202
Fax: 00 86 10 56929905
Address: Qiyeshu Building 22#, Heying Rd. 8#, Nanshao Town, Changping Dist., Beijing China, 102200


On site or at the Moxa observatory or in the Bonn area.


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    The automated Burris gravity meter - a new instrument using an old principle.
    Proc. Symposium on Terrestrial Gravimetry: Static and Mobile Measurements,
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    Download paper
  • Jentzsch, G., R. Schulz, and A. Weise, 2015.
    Ein bekanntes Prinzip in einem neuen Gravimeter: das automatisierte Burris-Gravimeter /
    A Well-known Principle in a New Gravimeter: The Automated Burris Gravity Meter. avn 122
    Download paper
  • Jentzsch, G., R. Schulz, und A. Weise, 2018.
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Burris Gravimeter

Dynamic meter

Dynamic meter system

Tidal record

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